Monday, 5 December 2016

The Real Cause Of Dagrin’s Death – They Lied To Us (With Pictures)

It’s been six years since rapper since Olaitan Olanipekun, famously known as Dagrin passed on from injuries sustained in a ghastly car crash in Mushin, but the nation keeps talking about him. Now, new findings have revealed that the Nigerian police in the area might have been responsible for his death.

According to them, Policemen at the Alakara Police Command in the Mushin area of Lagos State are notorious for illegal raiding, bribery, and even escapades of what some call ‘murder at night’.
“What actually happened that night was that the policemen had stopped the cement truck at the middle of road, and of course, they could only be asking for a bribe.
“Unfortunately, the truck had no rear light, (of any kind,) and so the oncoming car was unaware of any vehicle ahead. It just rammed head on, into it from the back…


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  2. If there are no rear light on the truck, does it means that Dagrin car has no head light?

  3. And u waited for 6yrs before telling us this news huh? By the way, what source is this coming from?

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  5. Shittiest blog....made no point, not sure you knew dagrin, don't try to make money off stories about the dead, respect them and respect their family

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