Monday, 7 November 2016

‘We want government to legalise pr*st!tut!on, so that we can work Morning, Afternoon and Evening’ - Ghanaian pr*stitut!s

Due to the economic stagnation in Ghana, commercial s*x workers from Adansi-Obuasi in Ashanti region are pleading with the government to legalise their trade in other to enable them operate freely. The unpleasant pr*st!tut!s who only operates in fear while running their trade with clients says the need for legalizing pr*st!tut!on will enable them work in the morning, afternoon and evening without being harassed by security personnel.
Speaking in an interview with Shaft FM, Mama Sweet, a representative of the Adansi-Obuasi s*x workers said:
‘We want government to legalise pr*st!tut!on by giving us licenses to operate, so that we can work morning, afternoon and evening. Some of us were introduced into pr*st!tut!on by our friends due to lack of financial support from family members.’


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