Friday, 11 November 2016

Shocking ! See What Will Happen To Wole Soyinka If He Destroys His Green Card

In an interview with Vanguard, A legal luminary, Mr Kayode Ajulo, warned Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka against destroying his American Green Card as promised as he risks going to jail if he does..
While speaking to students at the Oxford University, Soyinka had said he would destroy his Green Card if Trump wins the US Presidential elections.. However, Donald Trump had won the election and Soyinka promised to fulfil his promise on January 20 when Trump will be sworn in.

Ajulo told Vanguard:
“I have no problem with Wole; he is an opinion moulder, an elder statesman and nation builder, who should know the implication of such act. “Under the American law losing or having your U.S. green card destroyed can be a serious problem,’’
He stressed that the literary icon is free to leave the country but does not have to tear the card; instead he should return the card as required by the law.
For a smart man, that wasn’t a smart move!!


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