Wednesday, 2 November 2016

OMG ! 13 Dead And 20 Missing After China Coal Mine Blast

At least 13 people have been found dead and 20 others missing after a gas explosion in a Chinese coal mine. Xinhua News Agency reported that rescuers worked through the night at the privately owned Jinshangou mine in the Chongqing region where the explosion occurred before noon Monday and two miners escaped earlier.
Xinhua had previously reported 15 deaths in the explosion, but said Chongqing deputy mayor Ma Huaping lowered the death toll in a press briefing early Tuesday morning, saying only 13 bodies had been found so far.
According to Xinhua, Ma said:
“We are still working all-out to search for the 20 missing miners, and will exert our utmost as long as there’s still a ray of hope,”
Xinhua also reported that the 400 workers trying to rescue more miners were being hindered by debris blocking some of the mine’s passageways.
The mine reportedly produces 60,000 tonnes of coal annually…More  photos:


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