Friday, 18 November 2016

Adekunle Gold Says It Took Him 2 Years To Write The Gold Album

In a recent interview with NotjustOk Adekunle Gold who dropped his debut album in July this year, revealed it took him 2 years to write the album Gold..
He also added that a female friend gave him the idea of what the album title should be..
The singer, who is currently in the U.S for his first ever U.S. tour, said:
‘I wrote the album for two years, I started writing it around May-June 2014. Although I didn’t have a name then, but I kept writing the songs; writing my experiences. I didn’t have a direction back then, so I was just writing whatever came to me.
I had written ‘Orente’, ‘Friend Zone’, ‘Beautiful Night’ and others before ‘Sade’, but I decided to drop ‘Sade’ first because it was a cover.’
He then explained that a female friend gave him an idea of the album title saying:
‘And then when I saw the response that people really liked it, I decided to drop ‘Orente’. At that point, ‘Pick Up’ wasn’t even in the mix. So it was a crazy process for me, because I was waiting to feel something before I write.
So when it was time to release the album, I didn’t know what to call it, so I was talking to my friend Zara, and she said, ‘why not call the album GOLD’; I hesitated a bit, but I’m happy we are here now.’


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