Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Cucumber And Other Popular Food Items Nigerian Ladies Have S*xualised

Food items are majorly meant for consumption, but it will surprise you to know that aside what the majority of us use them for in the Kitchen, some individuals have found another strange use for them.
In view of the recent viral Miss Anambra S*’xtape in which she is seen using a Cucumber to satisfy herself, it may interest you to know that the Cucumber crop is only one among several food items Nigerian ladies and other nationals have s*’xualized.
CCNA takes a look at these food items. Note, by using the word s*’xualized, we mean that they either use these food items to satisfy their urge or carved a s*’x image for the item.
1. Cucumber: When I think of this item, salad comes to mind, but when some ladies think about the Cucumber what comes to mind will be obvious when you watch the recently leaked Miss Anambra s*’x video. That’s all I can say.
2. Banana: This has long been in existence as a s*’x object and s*’x image among ladies. Don’t be surprise many ladies use it instead of the Cucumber. Plantain can also represent for those who likes it bigger. Have you noticed how many Nigerian musicians often boast in their songs of having a big banana and threatening to give it to the ladies? Same with every other food items, we will mention in this article. They’ve been sang about by musicians. We all remember D’prince’ song “Take Banana, till you go you” The song was all about banana and the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission had to ban it.
3. Sugar Cane: One cannot really say if ladies use the sugar cane to satisfy themselves in the bedroom, however one thing we know for sure is that this innocent food has been extremely s*’xualized globally as many female singers talks about their craving for a fat, long sugar cane while the male artists too boast of having the sugar cane.
4. Carrot: Carrot is sometimes used as a s*’xtoy by ladies. It’s a known fact among the ladies. Though most of them will not be honest enough to tell you. It is a close alternative to the banana.
5 . Cassava: This is in fact trending in Nigeria at the moment especially among musicians who are tired of using the word “banana”. Tekno recently used it too in his hit song “Pana” when he says, “Baby pana, dem say you like cassava (I get e big cassava).” You can often hear ladies talk about guys who have small cassavas and the guys with big cassavas. However, this is not to say that the ladies use the real cassava to satisfy their urge. But hey, what am i even saying? Some of the ladies of these generation with their insatiable appetite for s*’x will even use a gun, not to talk of a cassava!
The reason these food items have become object for s*’xualization is a topic for another day.


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