Sunday, 30 October 2016

“Politicians Call Me Film Boy; They Don’t Take Me Serious” – Desmond Eliot

In an interview with Ademola Olonilua, actor-turned-politician, Desmond Elliot, who represents Surulere Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly, talks about his life as a father, politician and actor..
Here are some excerpts from the interview

You have been a legislator for over two years. How has the experience been?
For me, it was tough in the first year. I say it was tough because I needed to settle and get used to the reception and expectations of people. At first, it became very challenging for me but things started to fall into place few months ago. It is the learning process for me.
Do your colleagues in the House of Assembly take you seriously due to your background as an actor?
He said:
“First, I think there is a mutual respect among us, but of course they joke with me a lot. They call me ‘film boy’. Sometimes when I am about to go off protocol in dressing or so, they would tell me that I am bringing in my film world to the gathering. But they would let me know nicely. At times too, I try to crack a few jokes when necessary. What we do is a very serious business anyway.
“On my Instagram page, when I post pictures of the empowerment programmes or community works I embark on, the likes are very few but when I share a picture of my dressing or that of me and my colleagues in Nollywood, the likes are many. This shows the lack of interest of youths in politics. It does not mean that entertainment is not as important as politics. But to carry my people along, I post pictures of both my entertainment and political life. I cannot wait to see a Nigerian president that is 51 years old.

What are some of the nicknames your colleagues in the House of Assembly have given you?
They call me the ‘moving star,’ not movie star, that is the most popular one. They also call me the actor, Schwarzenegger; in fact, there is nothing that they have not called me.


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