Friday, 28 October 2016

Chidinma Okeke Reportedly Granted Asylum In Another Country | Paid 1.8M To Her Blackmailers.

In light of the controversies and scandals trailing her, ex-beauty queen, Chidinma Okeke, whose l*sb!an s*x tape has gone viral and even caused her dethronement has been granted asylum in an undisclosed country.
According to Victor Ibeh who shared the report, the video was made before she became a beauty queen, and she had already spent about 1.8 million Naira just so the video won’t be released by her blackmailers.
The videos are reportedly more than ten and the blackmailers were bent on milking her dry. Chidinma Okeke is also not the only one they have been blackmailing with the video, there are other girls, according to reports.


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