Saturday, 10 September 2016

Shocking: In Cameroon Police arrest two little boys aged 10 & 7 for allegedly r*p*ng & killing a 1 year old girl

Two little boys have been arrested for allegedly r*p*ng and killing a one year old girl in Cameroon. Police in Kumbe Balindo, Ndian Division in the South West region of the country paraded the boys, aged 7 and 10, who shockingly admitted to the act. But in what world can a 7 year old boy have erection enough to r*p!? What nonsense?

According to Cameroon Intelligence Report, after r*p*ng the girl, the little boys forced her body into a pit latrine and then hit her with a stick until she died. However, a traditional ruler in the area is of the opinion that 'the young boys cannot get an erection and are not capable of destroying the late baby’s private as medical reports indicated.'

Some also believe that someone is possibly using the children to 'hide a ritual crime.' Watch a video for the boys admitting to the crime below... 


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