Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Omg !! Man Caught Red Handed Trying To Dump A Woman’s Dead Body In A River

A man identified as one Patrick Muriuki, has been arrested by the police after he was caught with a woman’s body.

Muruiki, a Kenyan man, who was dumping a body of the woman in Nairobi River Wednesday, September 7, was spotted, chased and nabbed by street children who alerted the police.

According to Tuko, Patrick Muriuki had arrived at the riverside in Kamukunji with the body wrapped in a sack and on a handcart and as he offloaded it, the children saw him and confronted him.

He tried to flee but the street children overpowered him and one of them was sent to alert police at Kamukunji police station.

Police arrested him and identified the body of the woman.

His accomplice managed to flee.

The woman is believed to have been killed elsewhere and the dumping was meant to conceal her disappearance.

Kenyans have been full of praise for the street children for the role they played in ensuring the suspect is nabbed.

Normally, street children are a neglected lot despite calls for the government to intervene and have them settled and rehabilitated.


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