Friday, 16 September 2016

OMG ! 2 Men Collapse And Rushed To Hospital After The ‘Money Ritual Concotion’ They Drank Almost Killed Them

Get rich or die trying right?
Two men From Ghana’s Eastern Region took that a little too literally when their get rich quick attempts nearly led to their deaths.
The duo, one 26 and the other 46 – drank a concoction presented to them by an Accra based ‘mallam’ which was supposed to aid them get rich, but rather nearly sent them to their graves.
According to Starrfmonline, Ben and Kwame Budu are part of a family in Korley-Nkwanta in the New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region, who contacted the Mallam to help them discover some family gold that they believed had been hidden by their ancestors.
The ‘mallam’ rather used the occasion to dupe their family, presenting them a pot of stones and claiming it was gold, warning them not to open it for a while.
Yet, when the family found him and brought him back to account for his fraud, these two members pulled him aside and asked for something to help them get rich quick.
That’s when he prepared a concoction for them which after they drank, led to their collapse and hospitalisation.


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