Sunday, 18 September 2016

Family Cries Out Help! Our Daughters Have ‘Turned To Snakes’ For The Past 4 Months (Photos)

A family has desperately cried out for help after their daughters totally became a shadow of their former selves.
A family in Murang’a, Kenya is currently seeking for spiritual help for their two daughters who shockingly started behaving like snakes.
The two girls identified as Grace Wanjiru and Malka Mburu have been exhibiting snake-like tendencies hissing and puffing exactly like snakes do for the last four months.
According to Tuko, the sisters display uncontrolled bodily movements, jerking, jumping and throwing themselves on the ground with their eyes rolled into the back of their heads.
Their mother, Wanjiru said she has also been sick with unexplained sickness and demonic attacks. 


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