Sunday, 25 September 2016

Eaya ! Chinese Lady Ordered For Iphone 7 And Got This

This is what happened to Mimi Jiang a Chinese woman who tried to Purchase a Rose gold iPhone 7 from an online store. What Jiang got, however, was something else entirely. Inside the package were two iPhones — an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4 — both of which are all but worthless today. The surprise came with the inclusion of a Yu-Gi-Oh card called ‘Polymerization.’ When played, the Polymerization card combines two monsters to make a larger, more powerful beast.”
Ouch!!! I can imagine it hilarious at some point but right now the fact remains that shes lost some good money and the phones given to her are downright useless sad
In her words “I don’t know that an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4 — even though they add up to an iPhone 7 mathematically — get the same benefit.


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