Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Report:17 job engagement, 63 new CV re written, 28 job interviews, consulting jobs, 4 contract jobs, 19 part time jobs

8 intern engagement, and 59 volunteer services - releases first status report in Nigeria. 

Foremost employers’ website and HR firm which launched it Nigerian on the 1ST of May 2016 (Read Here) released its first report of activities after eight weeks (May –June) with the verdict; ‘Rate of unemployable Nigerians not as bad as portrayed, only that Nigerian youths lack proper guidance on the basics’

The report: After over a hundred CV’s re written for Nigerian graduates by the EmployMe team, over 25% have had job interview invites with 75% resulting in full time job engagement in the period under review. Six members have been offered various part time jobs, same number presently consulting in various capacities, Eight (8) internships processed with close to 60 Nigerian professionals signing up to volunteering services. Close to 400 (387) SMSE’s, SMO, Entrepreneurs have also signed up within the same period to access employable professionals on the EmployMe portal.

With June 2016, witnessing perhaps Nigeria’s worst as a nation in the labour market with over 2,000 citizens laid off in the banks and other sectors, the challenge to get back on board may seem daunting, but the EmployMe team is deploring the Australian model to get professionals disengaged get back on career track.

Here’s an over overview of the key points of the report of six weeks on board

• For victims of the recent layoffs in Banks and other sectors, need to get back on track? Read  the teams designed package for you    >>> 
 • Testimonials from members from various forms of engagement; New CV redone, Job success and others with the way of aiding job search and employability >>> 
• See weekly job postings ranging from entry level jobs to managerial level, how job description and requirement reflects on your CV will help gain advantage over others applying for same position >> 
• How to join the volunteer community (employed or unemployed) and how volunteering can aid your CV status, Networking, job search and employability status. >>>
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With three (3) outlets in Lagos (Apapa, Lekki and Ikeja) and one (1) in Abeokuta, Ogun State, (Abuja and Port Harcourt coming soon) EmployMe Nigeria’s HR services are people oriented as it helps applicants grow their employability status, professionals gain their net worth and small businesses and Entrepreneurs build their brand with HR support services tailored to their financial capability and hiring needs.

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