Friday, 8 July 2016

Look At The conspiracy theorists have started. They think white supremacists killed the Dallas police officers to start a race war

Below is how is reporting it.
MTO just received some Blockbuster information According to an insider at CNN, the Dallas shooters are what police are calling ‘Whit Nationalist’.
A CNN insider spoke with on the condition of anonymity. They claim that the police have asked the network to not release details of the shooter, until authorities have time to conduct full searches of all the suspects homes.
We’re told that while negotiating with on of the suspected shooters, the shooter told officers that they were looking to “start a race war”. We’re also told that “Donald Trump’s” name was brought up.

Another story... just received some more INCREDIBLE details from a source within CNN. According to our insider, the gun man was able to “walk up and shoot officers at point blank range.”
The insider claims that officers were ‘Caught off guard” because they profiled the shooters as African American, given that the incident occurred at a Black Lives Matter gathering.

News on the shooting is still coming in and not completely vetted. But if this is the case, it shows the HORRIBLE DANGERS of racial profiling. It may have cost at least one police officer HIS LIFE!!


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