Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Lol.. How Makeup artist transforms 5-year-old boy into Drake using contouring

Magali Beauvue, a makeup artist from Paris, worked her magic on a client's five-year-old son, Dylan, as she transformed him into Drake using clever contouring techniques. Ms Beauvue said of the process: 'Because he's a little boy I couldn't take too long on him... the transformation has to be fast!' 
'Dylan had so much fun doing it... he was looking at himself in the mirror and was saying "Oh I really look like Drake now!"

She said it took just an hour to transform Dylan into his favorite pop star.

The talented makeup artist who shares pictures of her work on Instagram has previously transformed another five-year-old boy named Deandre into Chris Brown.
'Deandre, 5 years old, was so happy to get a mustache and fake tattoos!', she disclosed saying it took just thirty minutes.


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