Thursday, 30 June 2016

Unbelievable! Woman Describes Giving Birth To One of Britain’s Biggest Babies

A 23-year-old woman, Charlotte Hawthorn, has given birth to one of Britain’s biggest babies, Daily Mail reports.According to Hawthorn, the baby was conceived though IVF and was born twice the size of most newborns after a five hour labour and two hours of pushing at Arrowe Park HospitalEngland.The midwife had to call for back up when she saw the head of the baby and more medics arrived to help deliver him. Baby Rory was delivered successfully after several more pushes, but his mother and 26-year-old father, Mathew Williams, were quite unprepared for his size.

His mother told Daily Mail, “When he finally came out, everyone was stunned and saying how big he was. My partner’s first words were: ‘Charl he is huge.’ But I couldn’t see it at first, he just looked like a gorgeous little baby to me.”She was shocked when she realised that her son weighed 12 pounds 7 oz. She said, “I couldn’t believe it. I mean, that is twice the size of most newborns.”
She continued, “When they took me to the ward and I saw him next to other newborns that is when it hit home how big he really was. I met another mum and we put them side by side and nobody could believe I had really just pushed him out myself. He looked like a giant, bless him.”
The excited mum said, “Nobody had an idea, it was a huge shock to all the staff as well as me and my partner but we are just relieved that the birth went so well considering, apart from hurting a lot obviously. I planned a natural delivery not knowing he was going to be twice the size of most newborns. He is gorgeous, we call him our little hunky chunky.”
Baby Rory is doing well and now weighs a little less than 20lbs. His mother, who was discharged two days after his birth, admitted that he is often mistaken for a six-month-old baby. She said, “People do not believe me when I tell them how old he is. It’s only when you see him move that you know his age. He’s our little miracle now in more ways than one.”
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