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The Weightloss coach tells her story on how she's helped over 540 Nigerian women lose with her secret eating strategy

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My Name is Mrs Mercy Owie, I’m a weightloss coach & the C.E.O Of Natural Beauty Concepts, I used to be a regular woman like you who is in her early forties with 4 Big Children. But due to age and child birth I became so big I could barely move. But i discovered a fat melting secret which helped me become more slimmer and sexier. 
Today I will give you access for the first time to a secret eating strategy I have developed in the past 6 years to have helped over 540 Nigerian Women To Completely Get Rid Of Any Kinds Of Fat And Transform Your Body Into A Slimmer, Sexier And Hot Body In ONLY matter of Weeks 
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But first let me tell you a story about how i found out this amazing Fast weightless eating strategy.

About 6 Years ago, after my last child started attending school, I felt this need to go back into shape for my hubby because he was beginning togrumble about how fat I have become and i truly would prefer not to see him looking outside…I’m a jealous woman.

I was almost 2 times the size i was before i got married, and there was serious risk of having a heart attack. I wanted some changes really bad, because I was getting Fatter and depressed about how i look and all i wanted was a permanent solution to solve this nasty Weight and bellyfat problems.

That was when I knew I had to DO something about it before i end up losing my darling to another woman.And i had to do it urgently about.

So I started off my journey into losing weight buying some pills and supplements while almost all of them worked for mei was always ending up adding weight after i finish the products.

I then moved on to doing simple research online and was accumulating Knowledge about weightloss and burning excess body Fat...

I discovered that the real secret to actually losing weight is not through any other thing than what I am going to be revealing to you later.

Making this discovery i changed lots of habits i had and took full control of my life

I Learnt Alot When I Was Doing The Research,
I learnt things Like.
  1. How the body works and what makes us gets Fats,
  2. The kind of foods that we eat that actually makes us gets Fat and why those foods cause Fats.
  3. I also discovered that not all kinds of exercises are actually good for the body especially if your are trying to slim down and probably loose some weight.

    I discovered lots of things but none could really help me much.Because those things where there to be discovered,But they weren’t going to work on their own.


My research made me come across a weightloss coaching program.
And i came to realise that no matter what you really want to achieve in life its always easier and faster when you have a coach who has done exactly what you intend to do.

Coaches tends to shorten the distance to your destinations because they already knows what works and what doesn’t work.
So back to my story.

I joined this particular coaching program and we started.

The coach was ruthless, there was barely any time for me to catch up but because I was determined to lose weight.
I followed up in the program and didn't miss a single day.

The program lasted for 30 days and at the end of 30 Days i had lost quite enough weight.
But i regained every single Weight I lost back in a matter of days.

That was when i discovered that Fat Has a lot more to do with how often you eat,
What portion to eat.
And what exactly to eat.
Also losing weight and keeping it off has a lot to do with making how you eat a habit.
And Now I have a confession.

If you have tried every kind of diet in the world in your bid to lose weight and all you've seen is little or no result, then pay attention to i am about to say..

If you have annoyinhfats all over your body, and it keeps you awake, give you sleepless night, make you unhappy, shatters your self esteem and even makes you feel too self conscious when you are around your spouse, partner, family friends and even colleagues at work, and this has made you tired and accepted that maybe there is no solution for you.

Worry no more! I want you to know that this is about to change because I am about to Give you access to my
 7 days belly and weight loss coaching program where i show you everything i know about losing weight and keeping it off. 

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Now Lets face the truth

Belly and body Fat is the number 1 health problem most women battle in Nigeria and very few knows exactly what to do about their belly fat but they always wish they can reduce the fat and look good in clothes.

The sad but honest truth is that many diets and supplements can actually cause you to GAIN weight instead of losing it?

The reason is because they can severely restrict the amount of food you’re consuming, how often you’re eating, how many calories you get, and how much fat is in your diet.

Constantly depriving yourself of the things and foods you enjoy most may have worse effect than a positive effect on your body.

Restricting your calorie intake too much or not eating often enough can actually cause your body to enter “starvation mode”.  

And If the body thinks it isn’t getting enough food, it thinks there may be a famine occurring.  The body’s natural reaction to famine is to store as much fat as possible, and to hold on to the fat it has.
If you eat so little that your body goes into starvation mode, it will become increasingly difficult to lose weight.  The longer you restrict food, and the fewer calories you consume, the more desperately it will hold on to the fat it has stored.

In some cases, you may even start to gain weight as the body tries to store up as much fat as possible to help you survive the famine!

That is why i created this 7 days Belly Fatloss Coaching Program.

This program is aimed at teaching you exactly what to do in the next 7 days to get rid of your bellyfatAnd Weight Issues Naturally without using any drugs, supplements OR Doing any hard exercise.

This promises to be the best weight and Fatloss coaching program you would ever join since you where born.

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Below are some of the things i would be revealing to you inside this Amazing 7 Days Belly Fatloss Coaching Program.

•  My 4-step Formula for losing weight and keeping it off:  This formula is so easy that even a 4 year old kid can apply it And would see an almost instant result. Don't even think about trying to loose weight without using this my exclusive 4-step formula.

•  Free Access To Our Free Weightloss Report That Will show 3 Nigerian Foods That Burns fat like a Time Bomb..

• The NUMBER ONE lie about belly fat that is making it almost impossible for most people to loose weight, And am currently guaranteed that you still believe this lie, Trust me it's  Far from what you are currently thinking...

•  12 Worst Nigerian foods that stores FAT that people eat almost everyday and they do not have an idea of the fact that it is making them fat. you have to completely eliminate these foods from your meals. (One of my clients lost 5kg in a week doing this alone)

• How To lose as much as 2kg per week just by sitting down, washing plates and typing on your phone.. This secret is known to just me and my subscribers alone. Now you too will also have access to this secret and start loosing excess weight fast just by doing your daily chores.

• Live Testimonials of Nigerian Women who has used My secret formula and has seen amazing results.. {the photos of these women will shock you,

• The First thing you must do if you want to succeed in your Goal to lose weight or lose belly fat.: Applying this secret Alone will make you 3times slimmer than you are now.

•  A secret spice you must add to all your meals that will help you loose as much as 20kg in a month.
This Program is Totally Free and is 100% Practical Content. simply apply what you learn and watch yourself  losing weight rapidly.

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Warning: Not Every woman Is qualified To Get Access To My Fast Weight Loss Formula. It Is exclusively For Women Who Wants To Loose Weight Fast And Are Willing To Do What it Takes to loose the Excess weight.

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My 7 Days Exclusive FatLoss Coaching Program will provide you with proven and effective information that will help you to loose weight fast and drop off excess belly fat and also help you make lifestyle changes that will aid in reaching your weight loss goals Fast!

Hoping to see you inside the program.

Mrs Mercy Owie.
C.E.O Natural Beauty Concepts

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