Friday, 17 June 2016

See how K Michelle insults Dencia and tries to mock her in an African accent, Dencia fires back

Whitenicious owner, Dencia took to her IG page to call out singer, K. Michelle for mocking her in a video about bleaching. She shared screenshots of the insults K.Michelle threw at her and shared a video of the singer mocking her in an African accent. The screenshot, video and Dencia's message to K.Michelle after the cut..

So the DM told me someone we know in common was with her when it happened, I texted the person & said I'll appreciate if they don't talk about me cuz I don't talk about them.Next thing I know K Michelle starts texting & calling me & all I responded was Ok Ok.I mean what will I have said? Like if someone u don't know just starts attacking u, u are like 👀😳 I am a very peaceful person, I stay in my little corner,I don't even hang out unless it's inside my room lol like we have nothing in common so I'm like ok you will destroy me? Mind you this is at 2AM.Dear K Michelle, I hope whatever is wrong with you, you can heal from it peacefully.I'd have said I'll pray for you but I come from a large family with many people to pray for & I don't pray for people I don't know.I know you need the press for your little your event though you are more famous than me as you say, my bank account is pretty famous.I come from a 3rd world country but I am doing something in your country so deal with that.Go fight with people on tv & leave me out, I don't fight I call the police and I sue people.Yes I do look like a Halloween costume & that's intentional on red carpets, I do look lighter than before but I don't compare myself with anyone, I don't compete with anyone I am in my own lane. No messages were deleted just like every1 saying some parts are missing no it's not just like u i was surprised at how she came at me so all I said was OK which I do a lot,I don't cat fight like I really don't I am the type of person go say ok and lol and these two words make people angry because they want to fight u but you don't want to fight them.I guess I should have insulted her to right? Why?i don't know her and I don't know why she is so mad at 2AM. She called several times and I didn't pickup cuz i don't argue with folks unless we are arguing % on multi million dollar contracts. Signed "Queen Of Matamba"
So two days ago I get a DM about k Michelle taking about me.It's ok to talk about me but what followed after is what made me post this. Mind you I don't know this woman,never met her in my life,All I know is that she was on a reality show where she played the victim and after what happened she is clearly not a victim she is just a hoodrat who goes around looking for trouble. Unlike u who lightened your skin but u will deny it,i am proud of who I am,was,is and no you can never make me feel bad or bully me or anything because unlike most people I am way too tough.I think it has become the norm in the industry for women to try to attack me for publicity but I have ignored a lot of them but this one just bothered me cuz someone I don't know said she will destroy me.Do I have beef with you?i mean I don't eat beef so maybe we know each other somewhere and I don't remember.Confident women don't look in the mirror and compare with others.Now keep buying that whitenicious cuz your bleaching ain't turnt Up yet.I know you are trying to penetrate the African market and someone is in your ear telling you Dencia will make it happen but girl it's one show & nothing else.Never that deep.


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