Monday, 20 June 2016

See How American woman shares her joy as her father finally accepts Nigerian husband and children after 19 years of marriage (Photos)

An American woman named Crystal Owonubi is a happy woman today. Yesterday, her father had a change of heart and finally met Nigerian husband after 19 years of marriage. She shared photos of herself flanked by father and husband writing what you see above

In a post shared last month, Crystal said said her father accepted her children last year.

"So I called my Dad today to see how he is doing and to ask him a very important question that I have been wanting to ask for a long time!
You all know that last November he recently had a change of heart and accepted my children!! My children and I visited him and they stepped foot in his home for the first time, while I visited his home after 18 years or so. And my husband spoke to my father on the phone for the first time ever!!
I have been talking to him about us visiting this summer and he is looking forward to our visit again. But, I wanted to know if my father is truly ready to meet my husband of 15 years. I didn't want us to just show up. I needed to know that it is okay with him. So, I asked him. And guess what he said!!!! YES!!! Praise the Lord! Here comes the best summer of my life!!!"

The couple have been together for 19 years and married for 15. Five years after they met, her husband was deported back to Nigeria, leaving her with their then 5-year-old daughter. She had to make the choice whether to follow him or not. She susbsequently left for Nigeria with her daughter where she lived for eight years, during which time she gave her life to Christ. After eight years in Nigeria, she and her family returned to America. They are currently living in Springfield, MO with their three beautiful children.


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