Monday, 6 June 2016

See 5 ways to get a flat tummy without breaking a sweat

People would always have you believe that the only way to get rid of belly fat and bloated stomachs is either through diet, exercise, surgery or a combination of all three. That is not true. In fact, there are proven ways to get the tummy you desire without relocating to a gym. I am going to share just 5.

1. Quit the chewing gum habit: According to experts, chewing gums cause you to swallow excess air which can lead to bloating and in some cases stomach ache. If you are concerned about your breath, swap the chewing gums for breath mints

2. Drink more water: Many of us feel that drinking water can cause a bloated tummy but on the contrary, dehydration is what causes that. Water contains zero calories and can supress hunger impulses so go ahead and drink up

3. Good posture: a lot of office workers are guilty of hunching over their desks for hours on end. Make an effort to sit up straight in the proper way as this ensures that your core abdominal muscles are engaged.

4. Schedule your bathroom breaks: many of us only use the bathroom when we feel the urge to do so. But urinating frequenting makes it less likely for you to develop a bloated tummy caused by holding it in for too long.

5. FlatTummy Tea: made from Chinese herbs extracted to attack the main causes of a bloated stomach, FlatTummy tea is a sure step to better, good looking abs. Each cup of FlatTummytea packs the same effect as 500 crunches without costing you a single sweat and in as little as 28 days, your tummy bulge would be significantly smaller. 

Natural weight loss can’t be done without Moringa! Choose Flat Tummy Tea with Moringa and fight the bloat from within!

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