Monday, 27 June 2016

LG cool Inverter V air conditioner now powerable with inverter and solar- Designed for the tropics

LG Electronics today announced the introduction of its now enhanced Residential Air Conditioning (RAC), GEN Cool Inverter V air conditioner. The LG GEN Cool Inverter V Air Conditioner which is designed for the Nigerian market meets the demands of customers who want to use air conditioners in Nigeria with small capacity generators as well as with inverter and solar.

A bold departure from the conventional, The LG GEN COOL Inverter V Air Conditioner comes with benefits ranging from Affordability, Energy efficiency and Durability. Due to LG inverter technology, LG GEN COOL Inverter V AC can be started with smaller generator as well as inverter unlike the conventional AC (ON/OFF types) which requires big size generator to start AC due to high start-up electric power. 

In areas where electric supply is insufficient, LG GEN COOL Inverter V Air Conditioner which comes with the GEN Mode allows for the use of small capacity generator and inverter- eliminating the need for large generator; Easy and convenient, the GEN Mode works by minimizing startup electric requirements. 
Speaking at the event, Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Seonghak Kim said: 
“over the years we have consistently introduced Residential Air Conditioners that addresses the peculiar needs of people in sub-Saharan Africa. Going by the fact that our energy-efficient offerings have local relevance, recent introductions such as the Plasma, Titan AVS as well as the Mosquito Away Air-Conditioners have been hugely successful in this clime. The GEN COOL Inverter V AC, which allows 1HP AC to run on small capacity generators of 0.9 KVA with Gen Mode is now operable with Inverter and Solar .This air conditioner comes with eco-friendly refrigerant -R410A”
Also speaking at the occasion, General Manager Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. C.Y Park said:
 “Clean, fresh air is essential for good health; on account of the ground-breaking GEN Mode, LG’s GEN COOL Inverter V works efficiently when being powered by a small capacity generator or inverter. This revolutionary product offers consumers in Nigeria durability, efficiency and cost saving; it ensures strong and reliable cooling even in the face of extreme heat and power grid failure”.
LG’s new RAC solution for Nigeria combines excellent functionality with dependability and rugged durability. An upgraded power circuit board (PCB) is responsible for the air conditioner’s wide 145V to 350V operational range. It also enables the GEN COOL to cope with power surges of up to 450V.
In his address, Managing Director, Fouani Nigeria Limited, Mr Mohammed said: 
“It is interesting to note that the GEN COOL Inverter V saves 40% energy than most conventional models whenever the GEN Mode is on, which utilizes LG Inverter Hz control technology to reduce the voltage necessary for startup and reliable operation. This AC meets the demands of customers who want to use Air Conditioners in Nigeria with small capacity generators as well as inverter/solar; it comes fully loaded with innovative technologies for convenience and optimum performance”.
Compatible with Inverter, it totally eliminates the problem of householders having to scamper for alternative power supply sources like generators; the health value is another selling point of the refrigerator as it saves people from having to inhale fumes that generating sets emit. In a great way, the GEN COOL Inverter V Air Conditioner meets the needs of the African RAC market.; it features LG’s proprietary air filtration systems and is capable of really make a big difference to air quality in the home. It comes with a distinctive design that integrates well with practically any d├ęcor.
With the GEN COOL Air Conditioner which can now be powered with inverter and solar, LG Electronics has again shown that it is committed to offering Nigerians relevant products that addresses their distinctive needs to continually develop efficient, effective and highly durable air conditioning solutions tailored to the needs of consumers in Nigeria.

At the event LG Electronics also demonstrated how some its products such as TVs and refrigerators can be powered with inverters and solar.


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